Modern Cabins

Modern Cabins

  • $ 40.00

• A beautifully illustrated and inspirational book that showcases innovative and modern cabin designs

• Engaging descriptions of each project that detail challenges, benefits, and tips and tricks from designers

• Covers a wide range of inspiring, contemporary cabin designs from across the globe, including Canada, France, Ireland, Norway, Finland, Poland, Sweden, United Kingdom, and United States

• A richly photographed design reference covering every imaginable type of cabin, including off-grid and prefabricated models and more

Modern Cabins: Return to the Wild reveals infinite possibilities to connect with nature in contemporary cabins set in idyllic locations. This richly illustrated book includes a worldwide selection of projects—across Asia, Australia, Europe, United Kingdom, and the Americas— showcasing inventive methods to maximize small spaces, and to make the fast pace of city living a distant memory. These cozy retreats—embedded in stunning and remote locations and designed to be at one with the wilderness—are truly sanctuaries.


by  Dev Desai
Hardcover, 264 pages
9.0 X 10.9 X 1.4 inches

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