Lighting Retrofit and Relighting: A Guide to Energy Efficient Lighting

Lighting Retrofit and Relighting: A Guide to Energy Efficient Lighting

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The ultimate guide to the retrofitting of lighting for greaterefficiency and performance

Retrofitting outdated energy-guzzling lighting components withgreen energy-saving alternatives is a process that promotessustainability and offers significant benefits for businesses,contractors, and the community at large. Not only can retrofittingimprove the overall quality and functionality of light, it also canmake spaces safer, easier and less costly to maintain, and morecomfortable to inhabit. From lighting technology to retrofitfinancial analysis, Lighting Retrofit and Relighting evaluates thelatest lighting system types, then demonstrates how to apply themfor the greatest functional and cost-saving benefit. This book:

  • Discusses the recent advances in lighting equipment andretrofittable controls, for both interior and outdoor use

  • Explains how to do a lighting audit to identify and evaluatelogical retrofit choices

  • Includes case studies of retrofits, illustrating improvements inthe quality and efficacy of new lighting

  • Demonstrates how cost savings realized over time can not onlypay for new equipment but produce a return on the investment

Lighting Retrofit and Relighting serves as an ideal reference for students or professionals—whether they are energy auditors, designers, installers, facilities managers, or manufacturers—by taking a close look at the most current lighting technology illuminating pathways toward a brighter future.

By James  R. Benya & Donna J. Leban
Wiley, 2011
Hardcover, 312 pages
7.7 x 0.7 x 9.5 inches

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