Urban Oasis: Parks and Green Projects around the World

Urban Oasis: Parks and Green Projects around the World

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It's probably not just since the pandemic that city dwellers have realized what a luxury a park nearby is. When you're not allowed more than a few hundred meters from your own home, the smallest green space becomes a paradise. But climate change is threatening these idyllic places in the middle of the noisy, particularly-polluted big city. Innovative projects and forward-thinking urban planners are seeking to remedy the situation in order to equip growing cities for the future and make them liveable. Urban Oasis is devoted to 20 green projects for better city life, covering topics such as the slow flower movement, the agricultural use of urban roofs, the greening of former industrial sites and the restoration of listed parks. From New York's High Line to Paris's Plein air organic flower farm to Berlin's neo-baroque Körnerpark, the parks and projects featured in this visually stunning book are all inspiring.

By Jessica Jungbauer
Teneues, 2023
Hardcover, 224 pages
9.57 x 0.98 x 11.85 inches

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