Solace in Nature: Homes that Blend with the Landscape

Solace in Nature: Homes that Blend with the Landscape

  • $ 40.00

  • Offers dozens of modern architecturally designed homes integrated beautifully in the natural landscape, such as bushland, forests, hills or mountains
  • Provides richly illustrated pages filled with homes that display high-end contemporary design and an architectural passion for an organic integration with natural context and climate
  • Includes innovative architectural designs from across the globe, illustrating how design complements nature and climate

This book is a treatise on how to reconnect people with nature through contemporary architecture and design. At Home is about finding solace within the landscape in the bluffs, mountains, hills, woodlands, forests, bushland reserves or hinterlands without eschewing the mode of luxury living associated with sophisticated design elegance and innovative architectural features.

Showcasing dozens of new, innovative architectural styles and interiors, these captivating and beautifully designed homes have taken indoor/outdoor living to a whole new level, blending architecture seamlessly into the surrounding vistas without resorting to architectural cliché. Each design documents the importance of place, engages context with climate, and offers residents with spaces that cater to different modes of family living, all the while being integrated organically within spectacularly dramatic yet serene settings.

By Robert Swatt
Images Publishing, 2020
Hardcover, 240 pages
11.34 x 1.1 x 8.7 inches

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