Sola Cube Assorted Styles

  • $ 38.99

The Sola Cube company was started by Koichi Yoshimura in Kyoto, Japan in 2014. Mr. Yoshimura and his team handpick each specimen to encapsulate to preserve its beauty. Each Sola cube is handcrafted by local craftsmen who pour the liquid acrylic, pressurize out the air bubbles, and finally hand polish the item.

*Each plant specimen is natural and different so it will have slight variations in color, size, and shape.

Designer/Maker: Sola Cube
Origin: Kyoto, Japan
Materials: Dried Plant in Resin
Dimensions: 1.6 inches or 40m


Tiger’s Claw
Botanical Essence: Sharpen the Claws and Wait
Also known as the "Devil's Claw," its two claws are for sticking on to animals to send the seeds to faraway places. The claws slowly open to scatter the seeds from between the claws out on the ground.


Globe Amaranth:
Botanical Essence: Love
The pink segments that look like flower petals are actually leaves that protect the flowers, which appear as small heads peeking out among the leaves.


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