Architectural Design Series, Serious Fun: The Arty-tecture of Will Alsop

Architectural Design Series, Serious Fun: The Arty-tecture of Will Alsop

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This issue of AD celebrates the extraordinary life and work of British architect Will Alsop (1947–2018) – a career and portfolio that is both literally and metaphorically steeped in colour. Characterised as a maverickarchitect, Alsop was in truth an individualist who was all for the collective, and a non-conformist. His design aim was to replace ‘a little misery in the world with a little joy and delight’. Far from diminutive in ambition, many of his built projects caused big shifts in thinking about ways for citizens to perceive, occupy and enjoy their cities. He believed deeply in the active participation of clients to explore their architectural ideas, involving them in workshops and the making of films to help them to see and better understand what design could positively do for them. His buildings and artworks are as contentious as they have been highly acclaimed, but never fail to amaze and inspire. His continuous engagement in teaching, lecturing and exhibiting throughout his career, with academic posts held in the UK, Germany, Austria, Australia and the US, meant he always remained in touch and was a consistent source of encouragement to new generations of architects entering the profession. This AD aims to harness that creative energy, commitment and camaraderie.

Contributors: Ollie Alsop, Thomas Aquilina, Nigel Coates, Peter Cook, Paul Finch, Mark Garcia, Clare Hamman, John Lyall, Bruce McLean, Will McLean, Kester Rattenbury, Marcos Rosello, and Neil Thomas.

By Samantha Hardingham
Wiley, 2022
Paperback, 136 pages
8.63 x 0.31 x 10.85 inches

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