Random Imaginations: A Collection of Illustrated Musings

  • $ 19.95

This book is a reproduction of thousands of graphic images from a single sketchbook, drawn over the course of 27 years. As a way to challenge the approach of drawing what is in front of the artist, these freehand drawings are a collection of images from imagination and memory.
What started as an exercise to break out of a design block, these images began on a single sheet and then became a visual journey and exploration of landscapes, everyday items, architecture, abstracts, and compositions.
Like the original sketchbook, Random Imaginations is a visual catalog of countless subjects and visions, to be used as discovery, inspiration, or just casual viewing.

The idea was to publish a reproduction of a sketchbook of drawings that can be used as a visual resource and inspiration―a companion book rather than being a "how to" or instructional book. It is like a photo album of freehand drawn images and is meant to be an enjoyable book to have by your side.

By Eddie Chau
ORO Editions, 2019
Hardcover, 216 pages
9 x 1 x 6 inches

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