Cutting Mat by MIWAX) Available in A4 and 14X6

  • $ 10.99

A high quality PVC cutting mat in A3 size by MIWAX. The mat is fit for student or professional use, and comes with dotted grid marks which are spaced 1cm apart. The material has been engineered to maximize comfort and safety for the use of razor knives, while minimizing erosion of the blade. Timeless minimalistic design throughout, down to its original paper packaging.

MIWAX is a stationery maker established in 1946, known for their superior quality cutting mats and desk mats. All of the sourcing and manufacturing takes place in Japan, from the use of raw materials to the finished product.

Prized as one of “Best 100” in Good Design Award, 2016.
Dimension: Dimension: A4 (W)11.7" × (H)8.3"
Dimension: (W)14" × (H)6.1"
Made in Japan.

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