Mesh Graphics Pouch

  • $ 15.99

Mesh case, slightly transparent.

It is a case for pens from the "MESH GRAPHICS" series that has a graphic print on a slightly transparent mesh material. Durable mesh canvas fabric used for outdoor posters is used. The "yellow-green stripe pattern", which is organized by changing the diagonal stripes, can be used for unisex. The basic design is easy to use and the lightness of the mesh material is felt. In addition, due to the characteristics of the material, the parts that are printed on the darkest and lightest parts have different meanings, so the content is not clearly visible. * The pattern differs depending on the product.

The handle is a prismatic ring, so it gives a high-end product feel, it is large and easy to hold , and can be easily hooked on a hook. In addition, the ears (ribbons) on the sides facilitate the opening of the zipper while holding the ears.

The base has a reinforcement so that it can be fully stored, so it is stable even when placed on a desk, which makes it easy to get the content out. You can easily find out the content from the outside, so you don't have to open the bag to find it.

Pen Case: 70 x 190 x 60 mm

Pouch (A6): 130 x 190 x 20 mm

Gusset Pouch: 100 x 200 x 70 mm 

By Midori

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