Lunch Bag - Lines Baghaus

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Much has been written about the legacy the Bauhaus School has left on many fields, above all design and architecture and, by extension, art and culture. Their contribution on a social and political level, in many ways revolutionary and other ways perhaps disappointing, has also been exhaustively analyzed.

From any perspective, their contribution represents a turning point in the discussion.

Bauhaus is also a creative totem for us, one that we often turn to and that we wanted to pay tribute to.

At the intersection of this admiration and our ethical values, our Baghaus Collection was born. 

Baghaus is a play on words that refers to two different realities. On one hand, in the literal sense, it refers to bags meant for everyday, household use, on the other hand, it is a clear allusion to the Bauhaus School.

The beginning concept for this collection is to emphasize the message of ethical responsibility that we all should take on, making a commitment to reduce the use of plastic in our daily lives. The bags we propose are intended to replace single-use plastic bags, while also being made from recycled plastic.


by Isol Barcelona
Lunch bag with inner cork lining to waterproof food.
The external fabric is made with upcycled marine plastic.
The inner fabric is organic cotton.
Measuraments: 34 x 29 x 10 cm

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