Hamico Baby Toothbrush

  • $ 4.99

 Hamico baby toothbrush introduces your baby to oral care and makes it a pleasure, not a painful chore. This collaborative brainchild of a dentist and dental hygienist evolved from years of experience in schools teaching thousands of children to brush. Gone are the days of tears and even injuries from toothbrushes that just aren't right for your child. Imagine instead, precious family time learning to brush teeth!

Breakthrough design elements include a wide, easy to hold handle that is completely safe. Long straight handles can accidentally poke and injure your baby. Baby Hamico is injury-free. The short neck and specially sized head fit perfectly in baby's mouth easily reaching all of their teeth without extending too far. The specially designed soft bristles are designed to clean teeth and caress gums without ever scratching.


Handle: Saturated polyester resin
Bristle:  Nylon 
FDA Approved​
​Safe to Use For Ages : 5 – 24 months
​Withstands water temperature up to 176 °

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