Glossy Mini Vase - Assorted Styles

  • $ 17.99

Middle Kingdom is a high-end brand, inspired by a long and distinguished history of design and craftsmanship in Chinese porcelain with a fresh and modern design vision. They feature ancient, high-quality craft production techniques with a mix of fresh, modern designs.

Middle Kingdom was established in 1998 by Bo Jia and Alison Alten to broaden porcelain traditions for a modern audience. The vases are finely crafted by highly trained artisans in China and the US, using the finest clay, unique glazes and delicately hand painted color blends to create lyrical works that speak to history and modernity.

By Middle Kingdom
Designed in Virginia 
Kilned in Jingdezhen, China
Small Batch, Handmade Glazed Porcelain 


Glossy Mini Vase # 4 -H x W: 4.625 in x 3.875 in 
Glossy Mini Vase #6 - H x W: 5 in x 3.125 in
Glossy Mini Vase #7 - H x W: 2.75 in x 3.875 in 
Glossy Mini Vase #8 - H x W: 6.25 in x 3 in
Glossy Mini Vase #10 - H x W: 5 in x 3 1/8 in

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