Cow to Cone

Cow to Cone

  • $ 12.95

Explore the ways Chester Springs Creamery and Milky Way Farm work together to brings us some amazing ice cream and discover all the ways small scale farmers contribute to what we eat--and how we live! Aligned to curriculum standards, these books also highlight key 21st Century content: Global Awareness, Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness, Civics Literacy, and Environmental Stewardship. Thought-provoking questions and hands-on activities encourage the development of critical life skills and social emotional growth. Book includes table of contents, glossary of key words, index, author biography, sidebars, and infographics. Suitable for grade 4-7. 

By Cherry Lake Publishing
Cherry Lake Publishing Group, 2019
Paperback, 32 pages
7 x 9 inches

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