Bajo World Balance Game

  • $ 48.00

In 10 wooden characters, everyone can recognize at least one familiar person. Each of them is different and unique. Just like humans on Earth. You can try to build a tower balancing them or try to use a special semicircle to balance their weight. This is a game of skill and balance. It is an amusing metaphor - a human being as a wooden brick is just a part of a bigger construction - mankind. People have to hold together not to fall down from shifting ground.  Here is a toy with a moral.


The Bajo toys are environment-oriented. Along with the packaging, they are almost 100% recyclable. The fabrics used are ecologically friendly and the wood comes from locally sourced areas with forest management certification.

Balancing base: 18 cm x 5 cm x 2 cm
Materials: Maple wood
Box:  27 cm x 17 cm x 3,5 cm
10 human figurines + balancing base
Recommended for children over 3 years old

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