A201-2017 General Conditions of the Contract for Construction - AIA Contract Documents Paper

A105-2017 Owner-Contractor Agreement for a Small Project

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AIA Document A105™–2017 is a stand-alone agreement with its own general conditions. AIA Document A105–2017 is for use on a project that is modest in size and brief in duration, and where payment to the contractor is based on a stipulated sum (fixed price). A105-2017 replaces AIA Document A105-2007, Standard Form of Agreement Between Owner and Contractor for a Residential or Small Commercial Project. For larger and more complex projects, other AIA owner/contractor agreements are more suitable. AIA Documents A105–2017 and B105™–2017, Standard Short Form of Agreement Between Owner and Architect, comprise the Small Projects family of documents. Although A105 and B105 share some similarities with other agreements, the Small Projects family should NOT be used in tandem with agreements in other document families without careful side-by-side comparison of contents.

When to use

  • Small project
  • Brief project duration
  • Stipulated sum (fixed price) payment


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