Come Together: Multigenerational Living

Come Together: Multigenerational Living

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Multiple generations of the same family living under one roof is not a new idea. But what is new is the way architects around the world are re-embracing this form of living, back by increasingly popular demand. While the 20th century experience emphasized a single-family home for the nuclear family and bachelor pads, we are now seeing more tiers of the family unit choosing to live together. Come Together explores the why, the what, the where and, perhaps most importantly, the how of the homes that succeed to be livable for all generational tiers – with designs that are not only architecturally stunning, but balancing private and communal spaces to come together.
By Joann Plockova
Gestalten, 2021
Hardcover, 256 pages
8.27 x 1.06 x 10.24 inches

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