Stables: High Design for Horse and Home

Stables: High Design for Horse and Home

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From a ranch in the U.S. and a Finnish farmstead to a Spanish hacienda and Australian outback home, Stables is a celebration of horses and their extraordinary lodgings. International in scope, ranging from traditional to contemporary in flavor, these stables--built of wood, metal, and stone--are exemplars of the finest taste in design.

The allure of housing horses is a story of architecture, design, landscape, and a unique way of living in magnificent places--and spaces--that are made exclusively for horses and for those who love them. The book also explores indoor and outdoor arenas, paddocks, and gardens, providing a humane face to the otherwise functional buildings. Social spaces for the horses, riders, and visitors also play an important role in filling out the projects, making stables not just places for sport but also for entertainment and leisure.

By Oscar Riera Ojeda and Victor Deupi
Rizzoli, 2021
Hardcover, 272 pages
9.85 x 1.19 x 9.77 inches

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