Karst - Woodless Artist Pencils - Pack of 24

  • $ 70.00

A pencil un-encased from its traditional wooden holder, unleashing five times more rich pigment. That’s five times more drawing, sketching, and less sharpening too. Layered with a matte coating to keep your hands clean, get ready to achieve longer periods of uninterrupted creativity.

Made without a wood barrel, Karst Artist Pencils have a full lead body, offering 5 times more usable pigment and material than any standard pencil. With a full range of colors, bring vibrancy and life to your drawings. Designed specifically for use with Karst paper, but suitable for all paper types.

  • 24 pack of colors
  • Pure pigment - no wood barrell
  • 2B Hardness
  • Coated with a matte lacquer to keep your hands clean
  • Easy to sharpen with ordinary pencil sharpeners
  • Length 142mm, width 7mm
  • Optimal lead grade for stone paper

The uniquely shaped lid when removed can be fitted into the base transforming the functional case into a sculptural desk ornament. inside protective insert holds each pencil upright and organized standing at ready for inspiration strikes.

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