Blackwing Pencil Accessories

  • $ 12.00

Blackwing One-step Long Point Sharpener

The Blackwing Long Point Pencil Sharpener creates the perfect point using a two-step sharpening process, first sharpening the wood and then precision sharpening the graphite core to a long, fine point. Every sharpener comes with two replacement blades and an automatic brake that prevents over-sharpening. Comes in white or black, 2.8 x 1.5 x 1.2 inches

Blackwing One-step Long Point Sharpener

The Blackwing Two-Step Long Point Sharpener creates a long point using a two-step sharpening process. The first hole sharpens the wood and the second hole precisely sharpens the graphite core. 

Blackwing Point Guard

The Blackwing Point Guard is designed to ensure your Blackwing pencil gets wherever you’re going in one piece. Crafted out of lightweight, machined aluminum, the Point Guard goes over the point of your Blackwing pencil, keeping it safe in your bag, pocket, or pencil roll. Set of 3 includes one each matte black, bright gold, and bright silver.

Blackwing Replacement Erasers

Hack your Blackwing pencil and give it a custom look with Blackwing erasers. Available in black, white, red, and grey. Palomino Blackwing Replacement erasers come in packs of 10.

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