Gaudi Quote Tote - “Originality consists of returning to the origin"

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“Originality consists of returning to the origin” - Antoni Gaudí

The helicoid figure that appears in the center of this composition is identified with the fossil of a type of conch that became extinct more than 66 million years ago. Gaudí chose it as one of the 3 motif that it would represent in its design. The other two are a starfish and a type of seaweed, and a composition of 7 tiles is needed to fully appreciate the 3 motifs. All this gives us an idea not only of Gaudí’s devotion to nature, but also of the deep and detailed knowledge he had of it.

150 gr fair-trade natural cotton bag.
Measurements: 38 x 42 cm.
Long straps of 70 cm.
Made in Barcelona, Spain
by ISOL 


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