Great Architects Redrawn: Le Corbusier Public Buildings

Great Architects Redrawn: Le Corbusier Public Buildings

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AIA Gold Medal | Le Corbusier, 1961

Through the process of redrawing the plans of a wide range of completed projects by Le Corbusier, this book offers a new interpretation of his architectural works. Redrawing all the technical drawings provides an insight into the thoughts of the architect when dealing with different building types with different functions and provides a fresh understanding of the morphological strategies. Containing 11 different types of public buildings completed by Le Corbusier, this book draws on 80 of his works, and includes drawings and 3D model spatial diagrams. When examined in the context of completion date, the reader is able to observe the continuity and transition of Le Corbusier's design ideas. By focusing on Le Corbusier and his influential architecture, the book provides a better understanding of the morphological basis of modernist architecture in the 20th century.

By Yu Fei
Images Shenyang, 2022
Hardcover, 472 pages
7.51 x 1.21 x 10.6 inches

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